I’ve been working with a few mentors who have been instrumental in helping me share more art. The coaching, paired with the encouragement from friends and supporters, is a big push for me to devote more time in publishing work online. The shadow of assisting others with marketing solutions is that at times I neglect my own.


It is easy to get in the habit of creating without the added step of output. This is especially true for the art I manifest from personal experiences. But I am learning this is often the most potent creativity.


So in an attempt to be more artistically transparent, I’m making an effort to bring more of that hidden creativity to my Blog. Today I revisited an old archive of something I wrote in 2009 titled The Grace of Grace. It is a reflection and meditation on my own relationship with the feminine. It was composed following a year of ecofeminism studies and spiritual exploration. While world mythologies refer to this as the Divine Feminine, I prefer Grace.


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