Live in Harmony
is about imagination. is about connection.  is about inspiration.

Creativity is transformative. Imagination is limitless.

Annalisa is a multidisciplinary artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. Influenced by the natural world, her artworks center on themes of environment and balance and are reflective of her fascination with the liminal space between thought, feeling, vision and dream. 

“My creations are colorful landscapes that are intended to resonate on a level beyond mental objectivity. I thrive as an artist dancing with many complimentary modes of expression: the nonrepresentational world of abstract painting, the expressive language of illustration, the refined detail of graphic design, and the unifying voice of prose, story and song. When not creating, I can be found tending to the roots of the forest where I dwell with my family and/or on an adventure savoring the beauty of this magnificent world.” ~AB


Every moment is a work of art. Dream the day beautiful.

Annalisa Barelli

Multidisciplinary Artist & Author

ABOUTAnnalisa Barelli (b. 1983, Kansas City) Washington State, USA

“I adhere to the belief that everyone is an artist. A great impetus for my own art is to inspire others to create in the way so many mentors have inspired me. There is so much healing power in the act of creating and so much value to be discovered in humanities art.

As a child I was always making things and I spent countless hours surrounded by art. Galleries opened my blooming mind and I found solace in the quiet corridors inside. Picture books and imaginative stories offered me expansion into something more and writing has always been my way to make meaning. As a young woman, I studied creative writing and fine art in the United States and Italy. I found ingenuity in American Art and passion and light in Renaissance Art. Through my studies and travels, a deep respect for the craft grew. I find freedom in abstract expressionism and  grounding in illustration and design. In my early twenties I fell spinning in a new direction through a healing crisis but I gained greater appreciation for writing, music, symbolism and story. The experience awakened me to the healing power of embodied imagination. From there, storytelling became my chosen conduit for giving and sharing my creative spark. 

The wilderness is one of my greatest muses as nature keeps me connected and centered in the present. I have lived in the northwest since 2006 and reside in a seaside community near the majestic Olympic National Park. I grow in community upon indigenous S’klallam and Chimakum land and wish respect and sovereignty to all Indigenous First Peoples and First Nations Tribes. When not making art and weaving story, I savor my time with family and being a mother. Writing gives my busy mind a place for stillness. Spilling color brings joy to my soul and sound connects my heart to the greater living orchestra.”

Present – Autumn 2024

I am taking a break from showcasing and selling my visual art to prepare two new works of fiction. I am excited to step into the role of author and illustrator and I look forward to sharing some stories soon. More details to come and thanks for stopping by!

〉〉〉 I believe in the healing potential of human creativity and

when paired with the transformative power of loving intention the possibilities are endless 〈〈〈