Mixed Media; Acrylic and Digital Illustration on Paper, 2022

Be The Peace The World Needs
Mixed Media on Paper, 2023
Mixed Media Print, 2023


Mixed Media on Canvas, 2018


Between Sea and Sky

Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

Arise | Awaken

Acrylic on Wood, 2011

Skyward Angels

Acrylic on Wood, 2010



Acrylic and gouache on Canvas, 2011

Beneath Waves

Acrylic and gold pigment
on Canvas, 2012

Annalisa's painting is a window into a vibrant landscape of movement and harmony. The colors enliven my personal space and provide a feeling of serenity.

~ private collector


Everything is energy in motion. It is as free as the air we breathe. Manifesting something from nothing has always felt like such a gift (whether it be a picture or a story or a song or dance or even a good meal). From this vantage point, everything can be an expression of Creations timeless moving, living, breathing art. We are life reflecting upon itself. I find beauty in the act of creating and hope in the connection that comes with sharing. Thanks for taking a look at some of my creations, my wish is that it inspires you to make and share some of your own.


The Wise Old Tree
an illustrated novel + sensory experience

THE WISE OLD TREE is three part trilogy for early readers. These chapter books include beautiful full-color illustrations and the series also includes an audio component.  For me as author and illustrator and composer, it’s more than just a book. It’s a collection of memories and a multidisciplinary journal of wishes. It’s a coming of age story and a template that has helped me find and make meaning in my own life. When I began this journey I was told to write the story I needed for myself to heal and that one day it may be a gift others could appreciate.

It first took form in 2007, as my graduating thesis. What began as a synthesis for my self-directed, multidisciplinary degree morphed into what it is now. With time and the birth of my daughter the story evolved to include music.  It is an ongoing labor of love and currently in a liminal waiting space as I navigate publishing. When complete it will encompass two decades of my life. The first book “The Song Of The Moon” will fall under the genre of speculative fiction for ages 7 and up. I hope to offer it to the budding imaginations of youth. Time has given me the creative freedom to push the storyline and grow this project into what it has always esteemed to be. THE WISE OLD TREE is for me a story of connection. 

This creative project has taught me the magic of patience and the art of commitment. Culture has programmed many of us to produce and consume things quickly. This is not that kind of art. It is slow growth with deep roots. I look forward to sharing much more in due time so circle back again and thank you to the many of you who have shown support on my creative journey thus far and who continue to encourage me well into the future… 

Additionally, an illustrated
children’s book is underway for 2024!



A 32-page story about the bond of kindness grown through friendship.



This website will continue to evolve with updates so circle back as this collection of dreams comes to fruition.