Annalisa Barelli | Live in Harmony Art
Artist, Illustrator, Storyteller, Composer

⊙ My artwork is created for the wild places of self and nature, experience and feeling, thought and dream.

Live in Harmony Art  began as my pen name in 2007, while working as a freelance designer in Seattle. The words live in harmony help to keep me rooted to my core values and aligned with my artistic intentions. I grew up with some incredible mentors who taught me from a young age the importance of following the call of heart. Living in Harmony is, for me, about being in rhythm with my internal compass and in alignment with the natural world. 

Since I was a very young child I always had the intention to honor the beauty of what I witnessed in the environment around me. The natural world has fueled my creativity since I could first hold a crayon which is why my storytelling and art emphasize a connection to nature as a central theme. A percentage of each painting or fine art print sale is donated to organizations working to protect the environment and inspire connection through the arts.