A Spark

This month I had the pleasure of contributing for talented author and naturalist Marybeth Holleman’s Art and Nature Blog “at the intersection of the creative imagination and the wild living world”. For more on Marybeth and her work visit her website at www.marybethholleman.com.





Life is a collection of moments. Even when we gaze outward from earth into the depths of space, we find history reflected in the stars. Sitting on the edge of a mountain, I contemplate my place. The mountain was birthed millions of years prior to my existence, erected from fiery eruption, chiseled by glacier, smoothed by tide. As I rest upon the basalt rock, I feel into all of the moments that have made my own life possible. It is a lineage so long that faces and places disappear into the void, like the uncharted galaxies above. In this expansive view, the separateness that my mind constructs fades and I am returned to a place of connection.


Walking down the mountain, I no longer can tell where the ground meets my feet or where history ends and I begin, yet in the vacancy of my unknowing I am more alive and more in awe with simply being. I am not a separate self, contemplating the world for meaning; I am part of a much larger expression. And it is here, reconnected to the essence of creation, that I am flooded with the color, vision, and feeling that seeds the growth of my art.


Nature has a way of igniting the inner primordial fire. The spark within that loves deep, beyond cognitive reasoning or any need to possess, into the core of life itself where creativity thrives. With receptivity and trust, the colors and images emerge and there is little room for control. For me, making art has always been a practice of attuning and allowing. In many ways I don’t feel like the creator, but rather a witness to creation.


It is my belief that the role of art is to challenge the mundane and carry visions farther, to bring together what was once perceived as separate, and to make each moment as beautiful as possible. The word inspiration at its root means to breathe. Just as the spark needs a wind to ignite the flame, our lives need inspiration for sustenance. For me, the greatest responsibility of art is legacy. It is not significant that the paintings or stories live on long after I am gone. What is most important is that I live colorfully, moment to moment, leaving my own unique mark on the world around me.


I hold firm to the belief that we are all artists because we are all expressions of creation. When we open to our inherent nature, our moments become the canvas, the stories, and the songs. When we connect to that inner fire and recognize our own life as an expression of a much bigger creative force, we add more to the present moment. Our presence is transformed into a living, breathing art that endures long after we’ve left our mark.


NEW Art Classes!

Michelle, 7/11/11, 3:57 PM, 8C, 9000x9012 (0+1529), 150%, TwoLightRpro+2, 1/15 s, R31.4, G23.1, B38.8


The Martson Arts Program at the Jefferson Community School announces “Mixed Media Monday’s” starting October 5th, facilitated by ME! The Monday classes will host a variety of creative mediums to keep you exploring. From mixed media, 2-D, Drawing, Collage, and more! Open to all creatives ages 13 and up, teens, students, and community members are encouraged to join in this interdisciplinary and intergenerational weekly course.

Voices United

Back in October 2014, I shared a post titled “Activism as Art“, about my involvement in protecting the Olympic Peninsula bioregion from Navy War Games. This week, almost one year later, sixty people from around Western Washington State gathered at the Olympic National Forest Headquarters in Olympia to personally deliver a petition with over 120,000 voices united from around the world. It was powerful.

Photo courtesy of DOUGLAS SCOTT from THE OUTDOOR SOCIETY.   

Inspiring Quotes about ART


Some words to love.

Because sometimes we need to hear

from the great minds & hearts of history.


A Few Favorite Quotes About A R T



“The only journey

is the one within.” Rainer Maria Rilke


“Paint the flying spirit of the bird

rather than its feathers.” Robert Henri





“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.” Francis Bacon





“Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?” Picasso




You Belong


From left to right: Window to Eden, Heron, Spirit Rising.

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New commissioned work, You Belong. Mixed media on wood panel, in Private Collection.

All works rights reserved, AB©2015.






I’ve been working with a few mentors who have been instrumental in helping me share more art. The coaching, paired with the encouragement from friends and supporters, is a big push for me to devote more time in publishing work online. The shadow of assisting others with marketing solutions is that at times I neglect my own.


It is easy to get in the habit of creating without the added step of output. This is especially true for the art I manifest from personal experiences. But I am learning this is often the most potent creativity.


So in an attempt to be more artistically transparent, I’m making an effort to bring more of that hidden creativity to my Blog. Today I revisited an old archive of something I wrote in 2009 titled The Grace of Grace. It is a reflection and meditation on my own relationship with the feminine. It was composed following a year of ecofeminism studies and spiritual exploration. While world mythologies refer to this as the Divine Feminine, I prefer Grace.



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