Loving Lefty




I have been terrible with keeping this blog interesting and updated.  Apologies! A quick shout out to say that there are many exciting and inspiring things on the horizon for 2015. Promise!

Lately my world has been solely Left Brained. Editing, budgeting, writing, rewriting, programming, learning new software, formatting images, rewording text, editing illustrations….Whew! It leaves me pretty zapped at days end though so much creative progress is being made. Somehow I used to think that I’m only being creative when my clothes are stained and my nail beds are rainbow hued. Not the case! Quite the contrary actually. In the past month I’ve been more creatively productive than in the past year. Funny how our minds trick us.

I’m feeling really excited with where this (six year old!) creative baby of mine is headed and just wanted to say, expect to hear more from me soon. Until then, many happy wishes for a gorgeous start to autumn in the northern hemisphere. Much love and light and inspiration,