Announcing 2015 Benefit

Because little acts really do make a big difference, 8% of sales are donated to a charitable organization that inspires positive change for our world. This month a cherished friend, Matt, journeyed onward from this physical world. To honor the legacy of his bright life, a percentage of sales made through the online Shop will be donated to his memorial fund, The Matthew Ahern Healing Arts Foundation, for the year 2015.


Matt was a beautiful inspiration who dedicated his life to helping others heal through yoga, breath work, gardening, sustainability, music and the arts. His life-loving spirit was contagious. Matt was a very bright light who always saw the best in others and brought forth the strengths and talents of those around him. He was a sage of true wisdom with grounded gentleness, a fearless spirit, and a laughter as bright as the sun. I had the joy of attending Matt’s breath work courses as well as creating artwork for his website. He was a cherished friend whose life impacted my own as he always encouraged my creativity and personal growth. To continue collaborating with Matt and honor the legacy of his life, a percentage of annual sales made through this site will be donated to support The Matthew Ahern Healing Arts Foundation so that Matt’s immense love will continue to heal and inspire. – AB


Matt’s life and legacy have taught me the importance of living each day with laughter & always encouraging those who are a part of my  journey through open acts of love. While his physical presence will be immensely missed, Matt’s massive heart & bright soul are surely healing, inspiring, & singing from beyond…




Here is a song my beautiful friend Debby, Matt’s partner, chose to have played at the celebration of his life. The song is so gorgeous it felt fitting to share it with you all here.


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