Benefit Exhibition

Wish You Were Here

A.I.R. Gallery Advocates for Women in the Arts. Photo Image: Nancy Spero at A.I.R., back in the day. Via ON AIR blog
A.I.R. Gallery Advocates for Women in the Arts. Photo via ONAIR blog, 2009.


I am happy to have donated work for the exhibition “Wish You Were Here” at A.I.R. Gallery. The Opening Reception is Thursday, June 26th from 6-8pm. The A.I.R. Gallery is located at 111 Front Street, Suite 228, Brooklyn, New York 11201. The Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11AM – 6PM and the exhibit runs through July 20th, 2014.

Happy May Day!!!

Celebrate Spring

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MAY 1st to MAY 5th

In Bloom


The northern hemisphere of this majestic earth is erupting into so much gorgeous color! The apple tree and cherry blossoms in the yard are offering the sweetest smells to encase around the angelic choir from the birds. I am drunk on the wind. Spring is arriving in full force here in the wild northwest. While the Olympic Mountains stand tall and mighty with caps of white and shadows of royal blue, the golden grass of the surrounding valley has turned lush green in hue…


April is a promise that May is bound to keep. -Hal Borland


Staying connected to what I love is easy  Once I make the time, defend my goals, and quiet my hyperactive mind… 


February is for Feminism

…AND DANCING! One Billion Rising is a global campaign for women. The movement calls for an end to violence, and for justice and gender equality. On Valentine’s Day 2013, One Billion people in 207 countries rose and danced to demand an end to violence against women and girls. On 14 February 2014, we rose again for Justice.



Written on the longest night of the year, the winter solstice…