Painting Trees

FilmFilmed in the Eifel forest and in the city of Berlin, Germany in the early summer of 2010. Words and Paint: Annalisa Barelli, Edit/Sequence: Silace Amaro, Music: dj Zac Love. Much gratitude to the spaces, people, and inspiration of both locations.

    the streets are still not friendly
    every passing face mirrors the empty space
    every crack 
    a gorge of isolation 
    exposes a history of dislocation   
    paint trees in parking lots
    the shoots and roots with tear through
    this is for the caged-bird 
    whose longing song is never heard 
    over the horns wail 
    over that haunting cry
    through the empty breath of this city's sigh
    blow away the dust 
    wash away the rust 
    peel away the crust
    there are steps 
    and steps 
    and steps to climb
    long after the fall of history's wall
    take away the night 
    give back the light